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Sparta Nutrition can reveal the inner Hercules within yourself. Introducing the all new, all natural product, HERCULES. This is a natural anabolic agent that is used to gain strength and put on lean muscle mass. This product utilizes the steroidal constituent found in plants known as Laxogenin. HERCULES is by far the strongest available on the market and works well when stacked on a cycle or simply taken as a standalone.

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Product Description

Hercules from Spartan Nutrition

Are you stuck at your current weight and muscle limit?

Need a way to break through your muscle building plateau?

Want to capture the benefits of a pro-hormone without the side effects?

Introducing Hercules from Spartan Nutrition.

Hercules from Spartan Nutrition is a plant based steroid that promotes high levels of protein synthesis, muscle building, and cortisol blocking. It’s a powerful plant-based ingredient that has the power of a Greek myth.

When muscle mass is your goal but you don’t want to jeopardize the health of your liver and other organs, Hercules from Spartan Nutrition has your back. This all-natural muscle builder can help you reach your goal of lean muscle mass in just one cycle!

Used as a part of a strict training and diet program, Hercules from Spartan Nutrition can help to promote muscle building, protect from catabolic breakdown, and boost recovery time.



  • Amplifies protein synthesis
  • Helps to build lean muscle mass
  • Enhances strength gains
  • Improves recovery
  • Anti-catabolic (Protects muscle)


Achieve the body you want and become a legend with Hercules from Spartan Nutrition.


Can I continuously take Hercules from Spartan Nutrition with no off-cycle?

  • No, it is not recommended that you continuously take Hercules. You should put your body through an off-cycle of at least 4 weeks following a cycle of Hercules.


Do I need to take a PCT with Hercules from Spartan Nutrition?

  • No, a PCT is not required when taking Hercules from Spartan Nutrition.



  • This plant steroid has been shown to be one of the most effective natural anabolic agents in the industry. When taken as a part of a strict training and diet program, Laxogenin is able to amplify protein synthesis while supporting the growth of new lean muscle mass. It also helps to increase strength levels intra-workout and acts to protect muscle from catabolic breakdown post-workout.


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“Hercules is a top product by Sparta Nutrition I tried! My workouts are easier and I generally last longer and push harder, with less post-workout pains. Did the job for me.”