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Katanadrol 3.0


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Katanadrol V 3.0 by MrSupps is a single compound which will help produce lean size gains while helping you reduce body fat without being harsh on your liver. This is the third reformulation of Katanadrol, and this is the best revision yet!! MrSupps will not stop until they conquer the fitness world. Don’t overlook Katandrol for being just another supplement. This is the only anabolic product that has built in ingredients to help provide you with more energy, boost your metabolism, and reduce unwanted water weight.

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Product Description

If you are looking for a product that really works as a muscle builder, but you want to make sure all your gains are lean muscle, then look no further. If you are new to prohormone use, but concerned about side effects of elevated testosterone for long periods of time, Katanadrol is a great choice. The DHEA metabolite 1-DHEA in Katanadrol has little to no conversion to estrogen and very minimal side effects. If you want the strongest legal prohormone available, 1-DHEA is one of the most potent muscle builder prohormones still available on the US market. Forget about natural testosterone boosters that do little more than boost your libido. If you are really looking for an amazing muscle builder, slice that Weight Gainer 5,000 out of your supplement routine and try a prohormone. If you really want that chiseled body of steel and unbelievable lean muscle gains, Katanadrol is your weapon of choice.